You are an entropy gremlin. Eat shards and poop gems!

The six rooms of the Cathedral of Chance mirror the six aspects of life:

  1. Misfortune (green)
  2. Health (pink)
  3. Frost (blue)
  4. Fire (red)
  5. Lightning (purple)
  6. Strength (orange)

The Adventurer rolls the dice, but the gems in each room determine their odds.

With your help, they can overcome even the fiercest monsters!

Controls: arrow keys to move, space to deposit a gem when full.

Cheats: press R to restart, N to skip a monster (there are 22!).

If you're feeling a bit lost:

  • To use an ability, the Adventurer needs to roll the matching pattern
  • You control the little gremlin on the left side of the screen
  • Eat green shards to lower the chance of rolling 1
  • Deposit gems at the very top to increase the chance of rolling 6
  • Or go all in on powerful spells (3, 4 or 5)
  • Look out for monster's vulnerabilities and immunities!

A game by Sander in 't Veld (A Bunch of Hacks).

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2022 game jam.

Entropy assets (left side of the screen): 1bitpack by Kenney (

Adventurer assets (right side): Fantasy tileset by Jerom (

Palette: EN4 by Endesga (

Sound effects made using FrozenFractal's JFXR (

Made withGodot
Average sessionA few seconds


Download 14 MB


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The game looks really nice and controls are really good, however, I have no idea what im supposed to do. Maybe im just stupid, but I really didn't understand what i need to do, and i also could not the coorrealtion between the map on the left and whatever is happening with the dice on the right.


Yeah I realized too late that it's almost like playing two games at once. I've added some more explanation to the description, if that helps.