Living alone can be hard, especially when you tend to be a little forgetful. Luckily you know a little game you can play in your head to organize your thoughts and memories. Make it through five puzzles to learn something about yourself.

How to play: each puzzle starts with a question, the answer to which is hidden among other thoughts and ideas. Flip cards to recall a memory about it, and use those memories to match pairs of cards. Once only a single card remains, you have found the answer you are looking for.

My entry for the AI and Games Jam 2022 (theme: Isolation).

Content warning (spoilers): dementia, brief mention of death and animal death.

A game by Sander in 't Veld. Made in Godot.

All photos of people and cats were generated by StyleGAN (,, and then heavily modified by hand.

Other assets used:


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I really liked this concept! I did have to brute force the cat level a bit, all the others seemed pretty logical.


This was pretty fun.  One thing that stood out was how incongruous that last sound effect was with respect to the rest of the game.  It's a bit of a jarring tonal shift, like a toll-booth on a roller coaster.

Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to create a startling, dissonant ending, by contrasting the sad final statement with the cheesy sound effect and fireworks from Windows XP Solitaire. But if it felt unintentional, then I pushed it either too far or not far enough.