By the year 2093, a decades long increase in global temperatures has uncovered most of the landmass of Antarctica. The habitable regions of this new continent have been divided up and sold to the highest bidder. Entirely new cities are stomped out of the ground, surrounded with lush gardens and supplied by local produce. Business is booming for manufacturers of heat lamps and fertilizer. In the aftermath of the Great Collapse and the subsequent ban on science, megacorporations have established hidden facilities where the world's greatest minds operate under strict NDA.

You join one such facility as their new security officer. A recent discovery worth billions -- something to do with ancient micro-organisms found in Antarctica's soil -- has left the head of the company very worried about corporate espionage. Your skills are put to the test soon after your arrival, as the crew grow distrustful of each other and start acting out of character. It is not long until the first body is found... or what's left of it.

Controls: left mouse button.

Keyboard controls: arrow keys to select buttons (or Tab to cycle through, or 1/2/3), Space to confirm, Backspace to Undo (if enabled).

Controller: D-pad to select buttons, A/X to confirm, L2 to Undo (if enabled).

The story is still a work in progress.

Screenshot of the game.  The left side of the screen is filled with dialogue.  The top right contains a list of crew members. The bottom right, labelled "Camera Feed", shows six people standing around a charred corpse.

A similar screenshot as above. The top right shows a listing labelled "RULES OF ROBOTICS". The first of which is "1: Robot may not harm or kill a human being". The bottom right shows a robot's face. In the dialogue, the robot assures the player it is impossible for them to have killed someone.

My entry for the Accessibility Jam 2022 (Hand Tremors). Accessibility considerations:

  • No dexterity based gameplay elements;
  • Input cooldown options to reduce unintended inputs;
  • Menu narration and visual description on every screen;
  • Undo choices as often as you like within a chapter.

Made in Godot. Code for an Input Controller was written for a previous project.

The following free assets were used:

Color palette was partially based on 2bitdemichrome by Toby_Yasha and darkseed16 by Ricardo Juchem.


Download 26 MB


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